Homeopathy is a nature-based therapeutic system for the alleviation of disease. In use for over 200 years, homeopathic remedies are based on the energetic patterns of active ingredients, such as minerals and extracts from plants.

The active ingredients in homeopathic remedies are diluted to very small amounts to avoid the symptoms and side effects often caused by larger doses of the same ingredients. Hence, one of the fundamental precepts behind homeopathy is that similar substances that can both cause and treat a condition. Homeopathic remedies work by eliminating symptoms AND by stimulating the body to heal itself from within.

Homeopathy is renowned and viewed as being a very safe alternative form of treatment by experts for hundreds of years.

Used by millions of patients and thousands of homeopathic doctors around the world, homeopathy is suitable for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Whether a condition is acute (having sudden onset) or chronic (that developed over a long period of time and has long-lasting symptoms or signs), homeopathy can be used to treat many different illnesses.

Homeopathic remedies usually come in the form of small tablets that are carriers of a specially formulated solution containing micro-doses of active ingredients from plants, minerals, and/or animals.

The homeopathic solution is diluted over and over again. Between each dilution, the homeopathic solution is shaken (called “succussion”) to energize the active ingredients. This process of succussion and diluting is performed hundreds of times, until the formula reaches the appropriate level of dilution and energy required.

The result of this methodology is a homeopathic solution, manufactured in tablet form, which is extremely dilute, yet more potent due to its powerful energetic activity.

No. Different homeopathic treatments are formulated on a condition-by-condition basis.

A continuously growing body of scientific research is being developed, aggregated and analyzed into the mechanisms and effects of homeopathy.

Research experiments in controlled laboratories are demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of homeopathic treatments.

Most of the research today in the science of homeopathy is focused on studying the biological activity of highly diluted doses of active ingredients.

In addition, numerous case studies of patients and anecdotal evidence in patients support the benefits of homeopathy. Patients taking homeopathic remedies often report improvement in overall energy, mood, digestion, and quality of sleep, as well as the disappearance of other symptoms apparently unrelated to the condition being treated with homeopathy.

Homeopathy Basic and Clinical Researches:
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Avoid touching the tablets with your hands, as this may leave residue on the medication that could interfere with absorption of the active ingredients.

Do not use homeopathic remedies that have passed their expiration date.

Take homeopathic treatments strictly in accordance with the direction of a medical professional.

Be sure to store the bottle in a dark place or in the shade, and away from heat sources of 100ºF or over. However, there is no need to refrigerate your homeopathic medications from Premilife.

Do not expose the Premilife medication to radiation, such as microwaves, or strong odors, such as perfumes, spices, or cooking aromas.

Do not use homeopathic remedies passed their stated expiration dates.

The typical Premilife dosage is 3 tablets that are dissolved under your tongue three to four times a day.

Premilife recommends that you take your homeopathic treatments by placing the tablet under you tongue (also known as sublingual absorption).

Premilife recommends that you take the medicine approximately 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. This approach prevents interference with absorption of the ingredients in the tablet by other substances that may be present in your mouth and/or digestive system.

Premilife homeopathic formulations do not interact with any other medications. Our homeopathic medicines can be taken alone or as a complementary treatment together with other treatments. However, in all cases we strongly recommend that you consult with a health care specialist to discuss the various medicines and treatments you may be taking or intend to take at any given point in time.

Premilife’s homeopathic remedies are formulated at over 6C dilution levels, so they can be taken in conjunction with any other type of medicine, whether conventional or alternative.

As we’ve stated above, we strongly recommend that you consult with a health care specialist to discuss the various medicines and treatments you may be taking or intend to take at any given point in time. That being said, ordinarily patients can maintain their homeopathic treatment regimen while taking traditional medications.

The length of time for a patient to notice the effects of Premilife’s homeopathic treatment depends on several factors:

  • The specific illness you have
  • Whether your illness is acute (having sudden onset) or chronic (has lasted a long period of time)
  • The length of time that you have had your illness
  • Your general constitution (overall state of health)
  • The specific homeopathic remedy you are using

Our general experience has been that for an acute illness, patients may feel the effects of Premilife’s homeopathic treatment relatively soon.

For a chronic illness, however, Premilife’s homeopathic treatment may take longer to show any effects.

Generally yes. Homeopathic tablets contain  very small amounts of sugar which are typically safe for diabetic patients. In all cases, however, we strongly recommend that you consult with a health care specialist to discuss the various medicines and treatments you may be taking or intend to take at any given point in time.


Premilife is an online homeopathic company that does not own or operate any clinics.  We communicate with our patients remotely (i.e., website, email, phone, etc.)

Premilife developed homeopathic remedies that are based on our unique method, making our treatments available to patients around the world.
Premilife remedies can reach and help any patient wherever they may be in the world. Premilife offers homeopathic treatments that can be ordered on-line according to the disease, and the remedy is delivered to the patient’s home.
The treatment method used by Premilife enables us to prepare the needed remedy based on the diagnosed illness. This means that once you have been checked at your place of residence and you know the diagnosis, you can order the needed treatment based on that diagnosis.

And so, we would like to invite you to be part of Premilife’s success story, and join thousands of satisfied customers around the world who are already using our treatments and remedies.


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