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Premilife wants distributors who believe in the homeopathic revolution and in the power of Premilife to improve patients’ lives. If you are interested in becoming a part of our mission, and you meet the Premilife distributor requirements, we would be happy to authorize you to begin distributing Premilife products and treatments to your client base.

Our Distributors Program is 100% free of cost. We do not charge anything - no hidden fee, no strings attached. There is no any obligation to purchase any products and you will not be charged any fee even after you join the program.

We offer numerous perks to our distributors:

  • Industry-leading discount of 30% on purchases
  • Easy and fast setup
  • 100% natural homeopathic remedies; can be taken with other medications
  • Remedies meet requirements and policies included in the Pharmacopoeia of France and the USA, so you can refer with confidence.

You will get 30% discount on all Premilife treatments that you sell/distribute. It will also give you a great chance to be a part of Premilife, a leader in homeopathy since 1980; you will be making a positive difference in millions of lives.

  • People suffering from any disease
  • People who are looking for natural remedies for themselves or their loved ones
  • People who want to try alternative treatments.
  • People who believe natural treatments can make a great difference in their life
  • People who want to improve their health
  • People who have a disease for which conventional or other treatments are not available
  • People who don’t respond to standard treatments
  • People who feels conventional treatment has stopped working for them

Yes, when you join our distributor program, you:

  • Get free access to a complete set of marketing tools
  • Implement promotions in just seconds using our great automated HTML code generator. Just copy and paste anywhere you want.
  • Get attention-grabbing banners, text or links
  • Use your own coupon code rather than your personal link
  • Get powerful reporting tools
  • Get “How-To” tutorials that show you how to promote Premilife treatments.

Here at Premilife, we are dedicated to offering high-quality treatments, and this is the reason we have over 700 homeopathic treatments for over 700 diseases and you, as a distributor, can choose which treatments you want to promote.

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Change your life by helping others as a Premilife Distributor. Join TODAY!

  • Premilife developed homeopathic remedies that are based on our unique method, making our treatments available to patients around the world.
  • Our homeopathic treatments consist of proprietary combinations of ingredients, which are developed scientifically, based on precise dilutions.
  • The treatment method used by Premilife enables us to prepare the needed remedy based on the diagnosed illness.
  • Our homeopathic medicines can be taken alone or as a complementary treatment together with other treatments.
  • Premilife homeopathic formulations do not interact with any other medications.
  • Homeopathy is renowned and viewed as being a very safe alternative form of treatment by experts for hundreds of years.
  • Premilife offers homeopathic treatments that can be ordered on-line according to the disease, and the remedy is delivered to the patient’s home.

How to Join Premilife's Distributors Program

Our Objectives

  • We strive to identify each patient’s most critical needs when they first approach us, and afterwards, we continually monitor, evaluate, and address those changing needs.
  • We aspire to scientific excellence. As a result, our treatments, methodologies, and systems continually are reviewed and evaluated to ensure they reflect this commitment.
  • We view ourselves as ambassadors of homeopathy. Therefore, we carry the mantle of responsibility of not only educating the world (including the healthcare industry) as to the benefits of homeopathy, but also expanding the accessibility of our treatments – all in adherence with the highest ethical standards.

We are pleased to introduce you to a small number of our work, out of 150 diseases presented on our website

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Free Training Online Live Event Reveals…

HOW you can deal with your serious issues that arise out of your diseases WITHOUT feeling depressed or losing faith.
EVEN IF you have lost all the hopes, you can make it happen!

What You Will Learn In The Free Webinar:

Secret #1

Give your body the tools to defeat your disease/s.

Secret #2

Dealing with illness can drain you psychologically and emotionally. And so for treatment to be successful, we also need to prepare you for and help to defend you against these mental effects.

Secret #3

Successful treatments target the root problem. There are many ways just to treat pain, or obvious symptoms. We’re looking to treat the cause of the disease, and the disease’s ability to change your body. We’re focusing on the energy of the body, and the energies of disease.

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Dr. Ricardo Kotliroff, Founder & CEO

Since 1980, Dr. Kotliroff has helped thousands of patients all over the globe with his one-of-a-kind formulas and now you will also have the golden opportunity to come to his online live event and understand your problem, and also learn from him about his remarkable formula. It is going to be a special online live event and to understand his secret formula, come and join us!

Here is a list of all the diseases that this Webinar is right for:

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Premilife gives energy to the human body that increases the chances of winning diseases (which diseases? more than 700!) - the means - homeopathic remedies

Check if you’re suited to our treatments! Fill out your name and email and get the link to our comprehensive medical questionnaire. By filling out our medical questionnaire, you will get an email from dr. Ricardo Kotliroff with our best treatment for your illness/es.

Evento De Formación Online En Directo Gratis Revela…

CÓMO podéis hacer frente a los graves problemas derivados de vuestras enfermedades SIN sentiros deprimidos ni perder la fe. INCLUSO SI habéis perdido toda las esperanzas, ¡podéis hacer que suceda!

Lo Que Aprenderás En El Evento Online En Directo Gratuito:

Secreto #1

Darle a tu cuerpo las herramientas que necesita para vencer a la enfermedad/es.

Secreto #2

Tratar con la enfermedad puede agotaros psicológica y emocionalmente. Por eso, para que el tratamiento tenga éxito, también necesitamos prepararos y ayudaros a defenderos contra estos efectos mentales.

Secreto #3

Los tratamientos exitosos atacan al problema de raíz. Hay muchas maneras de simplemente tratar el dolor o los síntomas obvios. Nosotros intentamos tratar la causa de la enfermedad, y la capacidad de la enfermedad para cambiar vuestro cuerpo. Nos centramos en la energía del cuerpo, y en las energías de la enfermedad.

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Dr. Ricardo Kotliroff, FUNDADOR Y CEO

Desde 1980, el Dr. Kotliroff ha ayudado a miles de pacientes de todo el mundo con sus fórmulas únicas y ahora tú también tendrás la oportunidad de oro de asistir a su evento online en directo y de comprender tu problema, así como de aprender de él sobre su excepcional fórmula. Va a ser un evento online en directo especial y para entender su fórmula secreta, ¡únete a nosotros!


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