Osteoarthritis: Eliezer’s Story

Osteoarthritis – Treatment and Cure

Treatment of Degenerative Osteoarthritis.

Normal Knee

Osteoarthritis involves the degradation of joints including the articular cartilage and subchondral bone.

Osteoarthritis – An Outside View.

Symptoms Include: Knee Pain Swelling Decrease in mobility

Development of Disease

Early Stages of Disease

Degeneration of Cartilage and Extra Bone Growth.

Late Stages of Disease Loss of Cartilage and Bone Hypertrophy.

X-ray Normal Knee.

Normal Cartilage…

Normal Joint Space.

Knee With Osteoarthritis.

Loss of Cartilage.

Narrow Joint Space.

Bone Spur.

The Patient’s Condition Prior to the Beginning of Homeopathic Treatment.

Name: Yosa
Date of Birth: 1940

X-Ray Scan: Patient Before Treatment

Bone Hypertrophy

Loss of Cartilage

Narrow Joint Space

Doctors Recommend Surgery for Left Knee

Results of the Homeopathic Treatment:

X-Ray Scan: Patient After 5 months of Treatment.

Total Recovery – New Cartilage

Joint Space Back to Normal

Surgery Avoided

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