Premilife wants YOU!

You are invited to take part in a Premilife’s study and receive 30% off all Premilife treatments!

Premilife’s Study Goals:

  • The primary objective of medical research and treatment is to extend and improve the quality of all human life by creating better health conditions, making sickness easier to bear and most crucially of all, stopping lives from being lost.
  • The secondary objective of the medical research is the pursuit and advancement of medical knowledge, both to improve conditions for society as a whole and to stop outbreaks of disease before they occur.

Why should I join the Premilife’s study?

  • It provides us with the data we need to understand your condition better and create a treatment program based around you as an individual.
  • It makes your existing treatments cheaper – you get 30% off all Premilife’s treatments for your condition/s.
  • Your information will help millions like you, who suffer from the same condition you do and are out there waiting for someone to find a cure. Your data helps us devise new solutions for the treatment of illness.

What do I need to do to be part of Premilife’s study?

You’ll be provided with a questionnaire to complete at the beginning of the treatment period, and then complete again at the end of it.

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