How life and the environment affect your weight – Video

Obesity is a dangerous disease that has been affecting the human since almost 25,000 years ago. It is the result of several anomalies related to the body, metabolism and psychological factors. As a result, this disease causes severe overweight. Moreover, this disease can lead many other illnesses such as diabetes and cancer, reducing patient’s life quality and expectancy.

In this video we are going to talk about obesity, its impact over society, biological basis and how come you can treat and prevent it. Premilife is a company who has been helping people to fight against obesity and other diseases since 1980, using a variety of homeopathic methods that have changed lives.

First, in this video, you will know about the obesity numbers. How common obesity is? How many people the obesity affect? Also, you will learn a bit more about how important is for you to be informed about the disease you have, and to take the main role in its treatment and prevention.

In addition, we are going to talk about obesity's genetically background and how all the genes in our body can interact to produce (or prevent) overweight.

Thanks for watching this video. I really hope you liked this video. Please don’t forget to use the tips and tricks we discussed.

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