How is your biology related to your weight and what can you do with it – Video

Welcome to this video about obesity, brought to you by Premilife. In the last video we talked about the impact of the obesity and what were some of the genes that could cause the disease. Now, in this video you will find out what are the biological factors that can lead obesity in your body. All our body is controlled by hormones and some other molecules mainly. Interaction of all those hormones with the brain can allow some behaviour related to hungry. As a result, if you have an excess of one hormone or a deficiency of another, you may feel more or less hungry. We will discuss about all the brain regions that control this kind of behaviour and also, about hormones that act like a main signal.

Moreover, in this video, we will discuss about a very important topic that you should know to understand obesity better: diseases and complications that obesity can cause. Cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart and kidney diseases, etc., are problems derivate from obesity. Not only obesity can be related to an aesthetic problem, but also it is mainly, a health problem that needs to be solved in a safe and correct way.

Thanks for watching this video. I really hope you liked this video. Please don’t forget to use the tips and tricks we discussed.

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