Instrucciones Para Los Distribuidores – Sección 5 – SI Y NO

To make things easier, we’ve summarized a few of the key Do’s and Don’ts below. To find out more detailed information we encourage you to read the Premilife’s Distributors Program Terms and Conditions.


  • You can order treatments on behalf of your clients: Our site provides services that allow you to help patients with enrolling and completing the purchase.
  • Use URL Links: copy the URL from the “main” tab and paste it wherever you want.
  • Use Images: Copy the link under the banners from the “Banners” tab to any HTML editor
  • Use HTML Links: Change your distributor link for any element, image, text, and more.
  • Use Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter are prime examples of ways you can promote the product online. You can interact with customers, answer their questions and send them to your referral link.
  • Use Forums: Forums allow you to spread awareness of the product.
  • Use Video: Video marketing is an effective way to reach your targeted audience since videos sites are used by thousands of people on daily basis. You can either choose videos from our YouTube page with more than 270 videos in 3 languages and share them on social media and post links in the descriptions or you can just add your links in comments under the videos where people are looking for effective treatments.
  • Use Blogs: Blog comments are a good way to raise awareness. There are many homeopathic and other medical related blogs where people post their queries and thus you can answer them with your link and send them to the website to gain more information where they can purchase the treatment.
  • Use Flyers: You can give some flyers to your customers and encourage them to visit the website so that they can get more information about their problem.
  • Use Text Messages: If you have a list of your previous clients, you can send them text messages promoting our treatments.
  • Use Local talks: When they need some advice from you in personal, you can encourage them to get treatments based on their needs.

*You can read more at the FAQ section under your Distributor Dashboard.


  • Do Not use non-requested email (spam), pop-ups, pop-under, exit pages as well as any other techniques obviously or secretly driving Clients to the Premilife Platform.
  • Do Not replace, intercept, interfere with, hinder, disrupt or otherwise alter a Client access, view or usage of Distributor site, a Link or a vendor website, including without limitation any click-through or track-based transaction.
  • Do Not advertise the Items employing cookie stuffing techniques including, but not limited to, pop-ups, frames, images, Javascript or stylesheets.
  • Do Not place Links in any manner which may (intentionally or unintentionally) mislead any Client.
  • Do Not cause any use of a Link in bad faith or through fraudulent means, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, inline frames, hidden frames, or redirects.
  • Do Not use automatic redirection to other websites or any automatically method for saving a cookie of the Marketing Partner.
  • Do Not use outbound / unsolicited calling techniques, can only promote / sell services through inbound calls.
  • Do Not promote the Items through scareware sales tactics.
  • Do Not use any tactics and/or methods and/or sites that:
    A) Promote material with explicit sexual content.
    B) Promote violence.
    C) Promote race, sex, gender, religion, nationality, physical disability, sexual orientation or age discrimination.
    D) Promote illegal activities.
    E) Contain materials infringing or supporting third parties to infringe copyrights, mark or other forms of intellectual property or the applicable laws.
    F) Include “” or their derivations or typing errors in the domain name.
    G) Are in any way illegal, damaging, libelous, obscene, aggressive, racist or not corresponding to our principles.

*We encourage you to read the Premilife Distributors Program Terms and Conditions

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