Distributors Instructions – Section 4 – What does it mean to be part of Premlife’s distributors program?

By joining Premlife as a distributor, you have the ability to affect millions of people suffering from conditions that were declared incurable by traditional doctors, and develop yourself in one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare nowadays.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO OUR distributors- defend the role of our industry as the key link of healthcare, and help our members to turn into opportunities for change by providing products and unmatched services.

We are targeting future. We use our experience to provide forecasts to help our broad-minded members to adapt to a dynamic industry – and in the middle of the health care environment changes, do not stop until we have fashioned the best solutions for our members to offer.

We are PARTNERS – The essence of a productive partnership is the partnership. To achieve this goal we strive to create an environment where knowledge can flow freely and our members work together.

We are professionals – Our representatives and members are our most important resources. We value each person for what they know, respecting differences and points of view, and we accept responsibility for our work and actions.

We manage the resources of our members like ours – Resources are hard won and over. We use it wisely and invest in creating value for our members.

We manufacture, distribute, marketing and sale in accordance with all applicable standards and guidelines, including but not limited to the CPRS, CFR / GPC, the requirements of GMP and FDA labeling and worker safety the environmental requirements.

Our goal is to maintain a level of professional competence by promoting training and education to follow regulations and industry requirements.

We respect the values ​​of the competitors, recognizing differences of viewpoint or philosophy, in accordance with the regulations.

We will act with honesty and in all professional relationships.

We will conduct marketing activities using accurate and fair balance.

We use the purest ingredients to produce the most powerful remedies available in the market. It is our fundamental goal of promoting integrity and acceptance of homeopathy as a viable medical modality, respected by the world, providing reliable homeopathic remedies.

Our commitment to you is to create the highest possible quality of homeopathic remedies according to the standards of good manufacturing practice, in order to sell these products to contribute to the homeopathic reputation, the integrity of the industry, and the growth of homeopathy in the world. Our goal is to get the right patient to the right drug at the right time, safely and efficiently.

We always want to protect the safety of patients and give them access to medicines and the testimonies of Premlife. So you can go to your personal physician to decide which treatment is the best for them.


Premilife gives energy to the human body that increases the chances of winning diseases (which diseases? more than 700!) - the means - homeopathic remedies

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