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How Premlife homeopathic treatments are unique and different from other homeopathic treatments

In Premilife we have a real and strong knowledge about homeopathic treatments and its compounds. We know not only about a disease and its symptoms but also about a topic such as quantum physics, chemistry, genetics, energy medicine and biology.

Homeopathy helps the body to heal itself. It does it indirectly by sending a signal which shows the body how to begin the healing process. Homeopathic medicines heal with energy, working similar to a cell phone. Remedies emit electromagnetic signals that are reflected by a living tissue by biological signals.

Homeopathic medicines are made from drugs. In the treatment of the active ingredient, the drug substance is diluted, while the energy balance of the substance is retained.

Remedies above flow 12C can contain any of the original chemical substances, but only the drug’s magnetic resonance frequency. These agents have no chemical interaction with the molecules, cells or tissues in the body.

Homeopathy “complexes” involves combinations of agents to treat various symptoms of a disease. This system is frequently used with respect to patients, considering the nature of the disease. Depending on the complex, it can show differences in its action mode.

The homeopathy complex is the use of products containing one or several homeopathic power substances. You can often have a combination up to 20-30 drugs or a personalized prescription in a glass.

It can even be all mean a number of responsibilities

The compounds or complex homeopathic remedies have been formulated to treat different diagnoses.

Homeopathy can show surprisingly good results if the answer is correct. However, in the case for complex homeopathy, there are a number of situations where classical homeopathy does not work and in my experience, these situations are:

  • When there is an excess of toxins in the body because of the patient works in a polluted environment;
  • When conventional long-term medication is used, such as steroids or antidepressants;
  • Where there is an immunosuppression in a patient, which means that the immune system can’t operate well. The most common group of patients in this situation are those who suffer diseases that can affect the normal with blood cells functions (T or B leukocytes), such as HIV, Wiscott-Aldrich Syndrome, Job Syndrome, Ataxia telangiectasia, etc.

The number of patients with these conditions has dramatically increased in the last years, and therefore, the classical homeopathy has started to have less and less applicability. One way to solve this situation is the use of the homeopathic complex.

It has been demonstrated that low power homeopathy potentiates the effects of medicinal herbs and vice versa. Therefore, the use of such complex preparations produced very effective drugs. Essentially, the two worlds of herbal medicine and homeopathic complex are combined in a single drug for the better.

History Of The Development Of Complexes

Complexes were originated in Europe 30 years ago by a number of homeopathic pharmacies in where a number of health professionals dedicated to producing them. When the legislation came to regulate these preparations it was decided to select the best ways to reduce costs, therefore, preparations have been developed for its best preservation during the time. As a result, most of the pharmacies ended producing complexes to treat a variety of clinical situations instead just one disease only. The latest addition to the range of diseases that can be treated with this method is more complex in America and appears to be high quality.

Organ preparations often come from animal sources as mixtures also are added to the formula. These have a drug effect in a particular organ due to the ingredients added which came from an animal specific organ. In clinical practice, these formulas are very efficient and it’s widely used in America. Most homeopathic complex, however, has no organs among its ingredients and they are suitable for vegetarians.


The process homo toxicosis was theoretically proposed by Dr. Hans Reckeweg, a known German doctor who did most of his work in the 1930s. Dr. Reckeweg achieved to generate a clinical approach and describe this phenomenon.

Homotoxicosis theory assumes that the disease is the end result of the combination of the hemotoxins (poisons) and the body’s natural defenses. The most important part of the body’s defenses in the immune system, which has two mechanisms to fight against diseases and infections. Immunoglobulins, large protein molecules (called antibodies) are specialized molecules localized in the blood which fights against some foreign bodies (called antigens) products. In cell-mediated immunity, specialized white blood cells engulf foreign substances (called phagocytosis) and digest them.

A lot is known about the immune system, but the knowledge about cell-mediated immunity is not enough. Homeopathy complexes use combinations of homeopathic ingredients and physiotherapy that stimulate the immune system, both in order to facilitate the immune competence of the body. The autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that controls the internal functions of the unconscious body such as heart rate, muscle contractions, etc.) play an important role in the natural defences of the body between the activity compensation (stimulated by the sympathetic autonomic nervous system) and quiescence (parasympathetic division promoted by the autonomic nervous system). Many natural treatments work by the autonomic nervous system, and thus establishing the body can strengthen the natural defenses.

The other mechanism carries out by the body includes the three major routes of excretion of toxins: intestines, kidneys and skin. The homeopathic methods that use this body mechanism for them own benefit, use stimulants, diuretics and diaphoretic (substances that increase sweating). This is just the principle of naturopathic and herbs practices. The essential feature of the complex homeopathic therapy embodies these principles: herbal components stimulate withdrawing.

The third line of natural defenses is the lymphatic system. This is a great small capillary network which permeates all connective tissues in the body. The tissue fluid called lymph and together with the toxins in large the lymphoid, drain lymph to the node tissue. Toxins in the lymph are largely transported in the intestinal lumen through Peyer patches and are excreted through lymphoid tissue aggregates placed in the lining of the small intestine.

The lymphatic system can be considered as an internal cleaning system of the connective tissue. His whole stream lead prevents local accumulation of toxins. Even a slight increase in pressure in the small intestine can damage the delicate balance that allows the lymphatic vessels to discharge in the gut by the Peyer’s patches. Many complex homeopathic medicines contain effective stimulants node; this is one of the most important mechanisms that contribute to the effectiveness of this form of therapy. Chronic constipation can be a big problem because predisposes toxins that remain in the lymphatic system. We have much to learn from the Victorian obsession with the bowel and sights, unfortunately, modern medicine has lost these simple facts.

The natural course of the disease by toxins

The body is constantly trying to achieve a homeostasis or balance. We have to consider the different processes of a disease in order to protect the body against the effects and harmful toxins (hemotoxin calls). The homo toxicosis describes six stages of the disease, grouped together as a humoral (stages 1-3) when the toxins present in the extracellular fluid; and cellular (phases 4-6) if toxins are deposited in the cells and an increase of them causes degeneration.

  • Phase 1: remove of physiological excretion of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, lungs and skin.
  • Phase 2: pathologically increased elimination reaction with symptoms such as fever, pain or swelling.
  • Phase 3: deposition of deposits such as gout, obesity, edema, benign tumors, etc. You will see the body cope with the load to help toxins by storing.
  • Phase 4: impregnation phases infiltrate toxins into cells. Enzymes and cells are damaged structures, functions of the cell membrane is disrupted. This phase may remain dormant and later can manifest as a weakness in the body. Diseases such as a migraine, asthma, ulcers or toxic liver lesions are manifestations of this phase.
  • Phase 5: on the progressive degeneration, destruction of intracellular structures resulting by toxins due to the accumulation of degenerative products. Some diseases such as tuberculosis, osteoarthritis, liver cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome, etc., can manifest this phase.
  • Phase 6: neoplasm develops degeneration in all other cells in the body and the uncontrolled growth of a particular group of cells and cancer.

After phase 3, using single toxins to treat the disease could have no effect because the most harmful toxins segregate by the organism are trapped in the cells. However, a treatment using homeopathic complexes attempts to reverse all these phases.  A new toxin method called Nosodes is accessible through the process of elimination to help the body health. Due to the impact of Nosodes, the toxins accumulated in the intracellular media can now flow to the extracellular fluid. The fluid excretion is induced by complex remedies and is now the main task: eliminate from the body toxins that threaten their integrity.

Complex homeopathy treatment

A very effective way to use complex homeopathy in a patient is by the using of organ systems such as the approach of traditional Chinese medicine for diseases treatment. A patient suffers a disease because of a failure of one or more organs. An organ can be damaged because of many problems, including dysfunction induced by toxic, although in some cases can have an emotionally and mentally cause or another combination.

The use of nosodes requires evaluating some points. First, the symptoms isolation and identification by electrical measurements on the acupuncture points in medicine and bio-energy regulator (as Vega-test) has to be achieved. Suitable complexes are then chosen to treat these symptoms. Typically, the complexes travel directly to the digestive organs such as the liver, pancreas, stomach and colon. Complexes that are formulated for non-digestive organs, such as lungs, heart, kidneys, etc., are ingested between meals. It is recommended to drink plenty of water while the patient’s treatment can help to detoxify the body.

Detoxification is an important part of the complex homeopathy. The use of nosodes is also, an integral part of this method. Nosodes are homeopathic dilutions of toxins. These toxins can come from outside in the form of pesticides, hydrocarbons, conventional drugs, heavy metals, etc., or can be produced by bacteria, viruses, and a range of indoor pollutants within the body.

Several complex nosodes contain a number powerful toxins; this is known as a compact power. The argument is that if the body is presented with a number of powers it should selects which is actually needed.

This seems to work from a clinical point of view very well. Nosodes that make toxins migrate from the intracellular fluid to the extracellular fluid are often qualified. Complex means assisting, in particular, the class of agents known as drainage remedies, to improve the excretion of the body by the kidney, colon and skin (by welding). Drink lots of water, have a low level of stress and an organic diet are essential to stimulate detoxification.

Some proposed theories

1) It has to be considered the quantum physics of the empowerment process to decide the required dilution needed in each homeopathic medicine

This recently new theory has been proposed in order to understand how homeopathy works. It is still under experimentation in small scale models and is not scientifically proven yet.

It suggests that the key to understanding how homeopathic medicines act is through understanding their quantum mechanisms. If the understanding of quantum mechanisms is applied to the homeopathic dynamic process, it would be clear how a homeopathic medicine can always be more powerful even though its dilution.

Electrons dynamics in its quantum state have a particular importance in this theory as they are these independent fundamental particles which form in a row depending on their orbitals. For each increase in the orbit size, a concomitant increase in the energy of the atom is observed, which represents an increase in the degree of homeopathic dilution.

Orbitals and these electrons dynamics have been studied by many scientists throughout the history. It was the physicist Niels Bohr who said that “when an electron moves between stationary states, it is accompanied by the emission or absorption of a photon.”

In homeopathy, a method has been developed to use the electrons characteristics in order to create a more powerful remedy. This is the succession method, which involves the vibration of the homeopathic substance against a hard surface at least ten times. This act leads an addition of kinetic energy to the homeopathic solution. The kinetic energy is very similar to the wave appearance of a photon.

Electrons in the quantum state of SU (2) * exist in a number of configurations or orbitals. These orbitals are strictly predefined states than a number of sub-layers to just host a number of electrons. Depending on the orbit size, the number of electrons can be accommodated within the orbit.

It is suggested that these “correct quantum energy” requires an electron to move to a higher orbit. This can be possible using succession in a homeopathic medicine during the revitalization process.

In other words, the succession process acts creating the point needed to move the homeopathic substance’s electrons to a larger orbital position (or more). Thus, the speed of the oscillatory movement of a substance (e.g., the wave aspect) is increased, which leads to a larger radius drilling.

From a homeopathic perspective, this can be interpreted as a higher level of performance. Therefore, it is true that in each subsequent dilution and succussion, the electron to a higher orbital jump.

This is done in order to increase homeopathic medicines effectiveness by the size of the electron’s orbit, always more and more. For this reason, there is no limit to the power that can exist in a homeopathic medicine, because the size of the electron’s orbital has an infinite nature.

Therefore, set a homeopathic dilution “using the electronic configuration represents more of the homeopathic dilution, plus the size of the orbital electron and the size of the information field of the orbit.” An orbital configuration is described in various shapes and sizes defined by the orbital angular momentum, quantum number (I) and more.

The quantum number (I) indicates the number of sub-layers into the orbit and therefore represents the total number of electrons in each orbit. Each orbital has a number of sub-layers with increasing number of electrons. It suggests that this increases the number of electrons, increasing homeopathic medicine during the process.

Another Bohr atom model diagram shows how the energy level (or quantum number n) increases in each orbital. It suggests that the higher level represents a higher power of a homeopathic drug. Higher powers include a higher quantum n number and therefore, have a higher energy state.

The limit state is on the orbital 5f in which the electron’s orbits are not occupied by each electron in the ground state, existing in a wave state only. This is the point of Avogadro’s number or the point where there are no particles of the original substance. Avogadro’s number is 6023 x 1023 and corresponds to attenuations of 12C or 24X (1 part in 1024).

It suggests that this is the point where a particle state exists. Beyond the orbit 5f there is still the original substance, but not in a normal state. This can suggest that homeopathic medicines turn on the 12C power level in the 5f electron state in a better way. In other words, it exists only in the wave state.

2) Another explanatory idea is based on a generalized version of quantum mechanics (QM) and weak quantum theory (WQT).

WQT uses the management of the appropriate algebraic formalism quality but falls some typical limitations and definitions for QM. This leads to a similar axiomatic QM framework in general, but more generally and for all possible systems. Especially, a predicted WQT intersection called Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen QM correlatedness (EPR) known in quantum systems.

After WQT, this chaos was not only connected to quantum systems but still was a hope for a global and a local variable that could be able to describe a system supplement. This idea is used to rebuild homeopathy as an illustration of the general confusion, as predicted by WQT.

Is this proof that homeopathy uses two instances of widespread interlacing: 1) between the center and the (principle of autonomy) original substance, and 2) between a patient’s symptoms and general symptoms of an image (similarity principle) of the agent. For these two elements together, double-intersection occurs, reminding the cryptographic applications and QM right entanglement teleportation.

Homeopathy under this proposal could be a similar macroscopic quantum teleportation.

3) Ultra dilute homeopathic medicine contains nano-particles and a very high performance/obeys the chemistry laws and quantum mechanics

The biological power systems consist of complex molecules built in nanoscale. In this small-scale, dynamics is determined by the chemical machinery and by the laws of quantum mechanics.

A nanoparticle (NP) is a very small particle of a specific source material. Because of its unique properties in smaller sizes, many experts limited review of nanoparticles in a size ranged between 1-100 nanometres (nm). Remember that 1 nanometre = 10-9 m.

Nanoparticles have different characteristics from those found in large quantities (ordinary, billions of atoms) of the “same” matter. These modified properties include changes in the particle’s electromagnetic properties, thermal, optical, biochemical and quantum. The properties of nanoparticles differ in shape.

Modified properties:

  • Biochemical, electromagnetic, optical, thermal
  • The properties vary depending on the dose, the size, shape, surface and charge
  • Quantum entanglement and coherence (atomic-like)
  • Improving the catalytic reactivity
  • High surface adsorption
  • To adopt a high bioavailability and ability through the membrane
  • It reduces the necessary doses of greatness
  • The need to administer repeated doses reducing drastically the formation of nanoparticles (Ahmad et al 2006).
  • A reduction of side effects.
  • The surface energy of the particles and large area nanoscale (Cao and Wang 2011)

The modern production of nanoparticles (DeCastro and Mitchell, 2002) is carrying out by a “top-down” process. Nanoparticles are formed in a mechanical device wherein the energy is applied on a material to cause a reduction in particle size. Then, the nanoparticles are formed during grinding of grinding.

The source of nanoparticles is transferred from a “dilution” of succession due to the impact of the creation of nanobubbles to transport of nanoparticles in the accumulation of layers. Silica and silicon nanoparticles are formed by repeated shocks glass dilutions into hydroalcoholic solutions.

Nano shaped several studies

  • Calcium phosphate nanoparticles (NPs) induce apoptosis in osteosarcoma cells (Shi et al 2010)
  • Carbon nanoparticles to reduce nanocrystalline fullerene the number of tumor cells in rats, human glioma cells (Harhaji et al 2007)
  • Homeopathic Phytolacca dye encapsulated nanoparticles PLGA chemopreventive effect as shown in the cell of the human lung adenocarcinoma (Das et al 2012)
  • Homeopathic line 6C more Calc Phos 3X in human glioma cells (Pathak et al 2003)
  • Ultra high dilution of triiodothyronine modifies the cellular apoptosis in Rana catesbeiana tadpole tail in vitro. Guedes JR et al October 2011; 100 (4): 220-7. Doi: 10.1016 / j.homp.2011.05.007
  • Immunological degranulation in vitro basophil histamine human-modulated by Apis mellifera lung and .B. J. Clin. Pharmac. (1988), 25, 439-444
  • Mix the diluent in the action of histamine in basophils very activation.

Lorenz I, Schneider MS, Pride P, A Brack, J. Strube January 2003; 92 (1): 11-8.

“Nature is the great nano-technology. The chemical mechanism that uses the power of biological systems is composed of complex molecules in structures at the nanometre scale and subscale nanometre.

In this small-scale dynamics is determined by the chemical machinery by the laws of quantum mechanics. “- S. Lloyd J. Phys 2011: 302,012,037.

4) In contrast to Newtonian physics, quantum physics works at the subatomic level. While Newtonian physics deals with atoms and molecules, quantum physics deals with discrete units’ indivisible quanta energy.

Materialism says that physical matter is the only fundamental reality. If applied medical biology, this principle will work on the human body in a number of independent organizations as a single machine. Although this idea of the human body is still widely used in conventional medicine, there is much evidence to the contrary. Recent research in the field of biology has shown that “the receptor cells not only respond to molecules but also energy. In fact, electromagnetic fields affect all levels of cell biology, including the DNA and RNA synthesis. “In addition, energy is used in diagnostic CT scans of conventional medicine, computed tomography, X-rays, MRI and decoding, but remains ignored their effect on the human body.”

On the other hand, reductionism states say that if you want to know how a complex thing works, you must unmount the study of individual parts and assemble them to see how they work together. This principle, as regards the machines; a broken part can be replaced with a new one, and the machine is like new. When this is applied to the human body, but the principle fails, it’s because all the organs of the body are connected to other organs and the body as a whole. The cells and tissues in the bodywork beyond the physical level in the field of perception. Therefore, the physical removal of the diseased tissue without underlying perception to change can cause a failure as a remedy.

Determinism says that new products may replace defective parts/organ giving a foreseeable result. This principle does not reflect the individuality of people and believes that the same procedure will produce the same result in different patients with different perceptions and cellular energy.

Quantum physics follows a different set of principles, differentiating between real and virtual particles. A virtual particle is which exists for a short period, that’s why its properties can change and are hard to determine. Dr. Heise Castle, the father of quantum physics, said that “at the time of observation of both the observer and the observed change.” Dr. Dean Radin, researchers and scientists from the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California, promotes this argument by noting that “a human intention, a direct effect on the quantum waves.” To test this assertion, Radin has conducted the following experiment:

Radin configured a team with a random image generator. The generator contains images of different types (erotic, fear, excitement, etc.) producing different physical reactions to viewers. In this experiment, Radin found that the reaction of the audience to each image (respiration, heart rate, perspiration, etc.) occurred 1/10 second before the image was displayed. He then concludes that “people send a quantum wave to make their future.” Quanta waves are slow, filtering and avoiding the perception of each information overload. For this reason, the perception is a key which controls how quantum waves filtered and treated, and ultimately determines the type and power capacity that affects the body at the cellular level.

Stem cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, suggests a new research in this area. Dr. Lipton, who dedicated his life to bridging the gap between science and spirit, found that vibration and beliefs affect human biology. According to their research, the human biology is controlled by perception, not genetics. Genes are turned actually on or off by the perception of a person of his/her environment.

A false perception of reality is often the root of physical ailments. In anorexia, for example, victim’s beliefs related to his/her own obesity can change his/her biology and causes rapid weight loss. This is just a strictly biological level in where the body functions follow the signals sent from the brain. A simple change in the person’s body perception can trigger several changes in the biological behavior; as a result, a disease is originated.

Even diseases such as cancer (which many believe it as the result of hereditary factors) can be triggered by the power of perception.


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