Our Story

Since Premilife was founded in 1980, our mission statement has remained the same - to promote greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of homeopathy - and, by doing so, to enhance health, wellbeing, and a return to nature by all people across the globe. Since 1980, we’ve treated tens of thousands of patients worldwide.

We leverage the healing properties of homeopathic treatments, coupled with the philosophy of whole patient-centered care, including a steadfast commitment to ongoing research in energy, quantum chemistry/physics, and molecular biology.

At Premilife, we work constantly to develop the most advanced, innovative homeopathic remedies, based on the latest scientific and clinical research conducted by leading doctors and pharmacists around the world.

Our Objectives

  • We strive to identify each patient’s most critical needs when they first approach us, and afterwards, we continually monitor, evaluate, and address those changing needs.
  • We aspire to scientific excellence. As a result, our treatments, methodologies, and systems continually are reviewed and evaluated to ensure they reflect this commitment.
  • We view ourselves as ambassadors of homeopathy. Therefore, we carry the mantle of responsibility of not only educating the world (including the healthcare industry) as to the benefits of homeopathy, but also expanding the accessibility of our treatments – all in adherence with the highest ethical standards.

Our Products

Our homeopathic treatments consist of proprietary combinations of ingredients, which are developed scientifically, based on precise dilutions.

All of our homeopathic remedies are made from completely natural substances, can be taken with other medications, and conform to generally accepted homeopathic standards, as well as the requirements and policies included in the Pharmacopoeia of France and the USA.

Our Patients’ Stories

Since the founding of Premilife, we have treated numerous complex medical conditions among our global patient base. We invite you to visit our homeopathic testimonials webpage, where you can view the stories of many of our patients. Each of the patient testimonials we present are supported by documented patient clinical histories, laboratory tests, biopsies, and radiology tests (including ultrasound, X-rays, and CT, MRI, and PET scans).

Our Values

Everyone at Premilife is motivated by the desire to improve quality of life. As we work tirelessly to deliver improved health and wellbeing, our first responsibility always is to our patients, their loved ones, and the healthcare professionals who employ our treatments.

Our Treatment Methods

Our proprietary therapeutic methods are based on a belief that all humans possess certain foundational energy sources within their core, and that a person’s energy balance is tied directly to his/her state of health and wellbeing. When these energy sources are disturbed, whether from internal or external forces, the disease occurs.

Our homeopathic treatments seek to neutralize these disturbances and restore a person’s natural, optimal energy balance.

Strict Preparation, Production, & Stringent Monitoring

Our treatments are manufactured and packaged in the same controlled facilities that are used by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The same attention to detail, quality, and accuracy that is undertaken by these multi-national companies is shared by Premilife for the manufacturing of its treatments.  Accordingly, each one of treatments is created in laboratories and production plants that have been audited and certified as officially complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Also, we perform quality assurance testing in strict compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice standards established by the World Health Organization.

Legal Department

Premilife is advised by leading legal and accounting professionals worldwide, including Greenberg Traurig LP (www.gtlaw.com).

Founder and CEO of Premilife

About Dr. Ricardo Kotliroff

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